August 4, 2017

west hollywood hills with karissa + valor

not sure if i have ever stumbled over a blog post like i have this one, because there is not enough time in the day for you to hear me talk about these two. when karissa told me she wanted to fly me out to California to do an in-home with her and her precious little, valor, my heart exploded. in-homes are high on my favorite list because they are so intimate and so personal, and each tells a completely different story for the people in the photographs. 

i stayed with Karissa + Valor for 3 days and though i did have other shoots during my time in California, most of my time was spent with them. during that time, i was able to witness the bond that these two share. an absolutely unbreakable bond, truly a mother-child bond unlike anything i have ever seen.

karissa, thank you for having me out and inviting me into your home. i hope these photographs are something you + valor will be able to cherish forever.

“I’ve just been thinking about moving… and this is my first home. I love my tiny house. And I don’t ever want us to forget our time here.”