August 1, 2017

trey + hailey

i have had the privilege of knowing hailey and her sweet family for years, and i met trey in my college years. when i saw the first picture posted of these two together one night on facebook, i remember thinking i had never seen two individuals more perfect for each other. they both come from two of the most amazing families, and both trey + hailey possess such kind, genuine and truly selfless hearts. needless to say, i am lucky to know them both and so honored to have been asked to play such an important role in their wedding day coming in march of 2018. 


“trey is the most kind-hearted, patient and caring person that I have ever met and he makes me want to be a better person every day. jesus just shines through him with the way he treats me and treats everyone else around him. my 16 year old self knew what it was doing having a “crush” on him… and I am glad my 23 year old self finally decided to give him a chance 😉 I love the way he loves me and supports my every choice and every dream. he is also so passionate about the things he loves and is going to give 100% in everything he does and I love that about him, and am so thankful I get to be a part of his life and support him every step of the way. I also love the way he loves my family and treats them as his own- if anyone knows me they know how important that is to me. I can honestly say that he makes me better every single day. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect person to marry. he makes everyone around him better and will be the most amazing teacher and coach. God has blessed me with the most precious person, and I will never understand how I could be so blessed. I can’t wait to go through life with you, trey.”

“there is no better feeling then finding the person that God has created for you. you get a feeling of happiness, comfort, and pure joy that cannot be described. going to bed every night and waking up every morning knowing that your soulmate is there and that she is always going to be there. she is the greatest, most beautiful, gorgeous, and my greatest treasure. I sometimes wonder why? Why has the lord blessed me with such an amazing and godly woman? I can’t answer that. but I can say I am blessed. I am blessed beyond belief. I am thankful and I thank the lord everyday for her. not only is Hailey the love of my life, she is my everything. she is my whole life. she is my very best friend, and I cannot wait until she is my wife. next march we will take vows and become one for eternity. until our last day on earth we will always be one, forever and always I will love her with every once of my heart.”