October 20, 2017

Camille + Stosh | Denver, Colorado Engagements

i am finding it difficult to put into words just how wonderful camille + stosh are. before flying out to Colorado to shoot these two’s engagements, we had never met. we had been e-mailing back and forth for a few months, but that was as far as it went. i had no idea that the two strangers i would be flying out to Colorado to stay with for three days, would become two people i would leave calling my friends. i will forever be grateful for photography introducing me to new people + blossoming new friendships. it’s a wonderful thing like that.

during my time with the two, we spent our weekend exploring, eating at local restaurants, and shooting as much as possible. we shot through rain, snow, and sun without a single complaint. they allowed me to capture them as they are and see a little glimpse inside their daily life together.

camille + stosh are effortlessly two of the most in love people i have ever met. they treat and speak to one another with such kindness and patience, and their love was a love you could feel just by simply being around them. their love inspired me, and i left with a profound respect for the both of them. they are incredible people.

so so excited to fly back out to Colorado in the summer to shoot their wedding and capture one of their greatest days.

“Extremely early on in our relationship I knew that I was going to ask Camille to marry me. Since I wanted the engagement to be a surprise, every day I had to keep the secret that I was hiking, rafting, skiing, watching movies on the couch, playing board games, making Blue Aprons… with my future wife. Now that the ring is finally on her finger it feels like more than ever, our life together has begun. We have a house, a cat, a dog, the most beautifully blessed life, and so much love for each other. I am overcome with emotion every time I think about our future as husband and wife.”

— stosh

“I have never fallen in love so hard and so fast. Even though our love story is untraditional, I knew my life was going to change the day I met Stosh. Every day I thank God and will never stop thanking Him for giving me such a genuine, caring soul to love and be loved by. During our daily routines, like playing with Kota/snuggling with Jude or cooking dinner while jamming to our favorite Spotify playlists, I often catch myself with a ridiculous grin just thinking how lucky I am to spend forever with this man. Stosh supports my aspirations and gives me daily motivation and tight hugs even when I feel totally lost. Being in his arms reminds me when life feels uneasy or stressful, I always have his unconditional love and that’s all I’ll ever need. I truthfully don’t know anyone as generous, hard-working, family-oriented, and passionate as Stosh. If you know him, you know how special you feel when you’re in his presence. Stosh has the power to make you feel at home. He can make just about anyone smile or laugh and I get to experience that joy every day. Just when I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world, he does something so undeserving for me that I wonder if it’s all a dream. Stosh, thank you for making me strive to be a better person and pushing me to fulfill my dreams. I didn’t know I could love someone this much. It would be an understatement to say how pumped I was to take on life’s adventures with you. Here’s to a lifetime of cuddles on the couch, coffee talks in the hammock, hiking literal and figurative mountains, knocking travels off our bucket list, and lots and lots of Eskimo kisses.

— camille