January 7, 2018

Marissa + Kaleb | Eureka Springs, Arkansas Engagement Session

met up with these two in eureka springs on a saturday in december. with them being from texas, they used taking their engagement photos as an excuse for a little getaway together and rented a cabin in the woods for the weekend. we began shooting around their cabin, and spent the rest of the day exploring the downtown area. these two were such a blast. everything documented below were real moments- true moments as they happened. marrisa and kaleb were so laid back, fun and into each other. they made my job a dream. so excited for these two and to be a part of their special day in september.

“i first met kaleb when i moved to denison my junior year of high school. he was by far one of the most genuine and honest people i had ever met. it wasn’t until the summer going into college that we started dating. now, five and a half years later i couldn’t be more in love. he amazes me more and more every day, how much he cares for his family, friends and people he has never even met. it makes my heart swell. he’s my person, my rock and my home. his family instantly became a part of mine and vice versa. i’m so proud of him and look up to him in so many ways. we challenge each other to be better than we were the day before and for this i’m a better person. i can’t wait to see where God takes us in life and watch him work through us. kaleb is such a blessing.”

— marissa

“these words aren’t nearly enough to truly reveal my overall passion for you. to adore and praise you the way you deserve and i feel within, well that would take a novel. to keep it concise, yet parallel, i shouldn’t waste any time writing about the obvious things you are to everybody and anybody who meets you. the genuine beauty you posses both inside and out is very rare. at times, your comprehensive beauty is so pure and real it’s hard to believe anyone could have such mystical qualities. having the opportunity of meeting you and talking with you will surely make anyone’s day better. beyond that, i have been chosen to receive you as a gift from God himself obtaining you as my companion, co-pilot, and soon to be wife. this precious omen has led me to the realization that I am forever truly happy and my “quest” to find a partner in life, fulfilled beyond imagine. everyday, i get the luxury of being naturally high off your essence. ”

— kaleb