March 29, 2018

Madison + Zachary | Midwest Adventure Engagement Session

“madison bayleigh guidie,
I feel so undeserving to write these words…
to be able to walk hand in hand with you through life is my biggest joy. thank you for grace, commitment, and trust in me. madison I am so excited to journey in marriage with you. it will be a mystery but through all of my days I am committed to loving you as Jesus loves the church, and spend my life partnering with Jesus in the journey you are taking towards His throne. I love you my inimitable. xoxo”

— zachary

“zach lights up my whole life—it started as butterflies and constant giggling from the day I first met him, and soon developed into the closest, truest friendship I’ve ever had. one of my favorite things about zach is the way he genuinely and deeply cares for those around him, and how he radiates a contagious joy everywhere he goes. with him, i am safe, i am selflessly loved, & I am pursued every single day. zach, I rejoice because of God’s undeserved grace that I get to live the rest of my life as your partner. you are and will forever be my treasure. I can’t wait to be mrs. thompson. xoxo ”

— madison