October 10, 2018

Kylie + Matthew | Joplin, Missouri Engagement Session

On the show the office they ask Michael Scott if he would rather be loved or feared and his answer was “Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me”. That is how I was with Matthew, so afraid to love him. But, when God is choosing your soul mate- He has a way of calming your fears. And that’s what Matthew is to me- my soul mate. Now, I fear what life would be like without my love for him. God chose him for me, and now I will choose him every day for the rest of my life..and that’s an amazing thing to think about when you have an amazing man like Matthew.
– Kylie

I’ve never felt more comfortable around someone than I feel around her. Every moment with her is something special and every moment without her, I’m just counting down the seconds until were back together. She can fill me with pure happiness with just a look and when she smiles I can’t help but smile back. Her ambition and competitiveness have always drawn me to her and the looks certainly don’t hurt. The way she loves and cares for others is truly inspiring and she has shown me what it is like to really know and love God. She has made me the man I’ve always wanted to be and I love her dearly.