August 10, 2018

Kaitlyn + Tyler | Kansas City Summer Engagement Session

“tyler is the most genuine, honest, and humble person I know. from the moment we fell in love, his patience, understanding and unconditional love for me has never waivered. I am growing everyday and becoming a better version of myself, that is all because of him and his love for me. day by day we are growing stronger and I couldn’t imagine a better man to spend my life with – I can’t wait to become Mrs. Disney.”

— kaitlyn

“it’s the little things in you that I am forever in love with. anyone can see how beautiful you are, that athletic strut, or the trendy things you do. people can see how goofy you are, how compassionate you are, and how down to earth you are. all of those things I do love, but what has me forever attached to you are the small moments we get to share behind closed doors. the moments before I go to work and you unconsciously grab my fingers and kiss me goodbye. those moments where we sit in comfortable silence together. the moments where I am there to see you at your most vulnerable state. I love the fact that I am the only person in this world that gets to have these small, unfiltered moments with you. I love all of it. I chased you for what seemed like a decade and you finally gave in! I wore you down! I cannot wait to share more of these moments with you. we know that what we do together, for each other, every day is what matters. this is our world, our life, and I’m excited to be in it with you. your loyalty does not go unnoticed. I love you, I trust you, and I respect the heck out of you.”

— tyler