February 5, 2019

Jenna + Graeme | Verona, Missouri | Gambrel Barn Wedding

From the very first FaceTime date with these two, I remember getting off the computer thinking “wow, that might be one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met.” I wasn’t wrong.
Jenna and Graeme’s wedding day was very low key and smooth sailing with so many feels. I remember walking Jenna out for their first look, Graeme standing in the far distance with his back turned to her under the tree. I remember how hard she was shaking and how huge the smile was spread across her entire face the entire walk. I always tell my brides to take in every single second, not to rush anything- to take their time and do things on their terms. I remember Jenna stood there for what seemed like a few minutes, just standing behind him- savoring the last seconds before he saw her for the very first time. When she tapped him to turn around, the next few moments are some I will never forget in my wedding-photographer career. Graeme was so overwhelmed with emotions when seeing her. They stood there together admiring each other, without saying any words. They just simply held each other.  It was a beautiful moment- a moment that reminds me of my purpose as a wedding photographer.