November 8, 2017

Ian + Bre | Joplin, Missouri Engagements

“i didn’t expect to fall in love with ian when i met him for the first time. in fact, the thought never crossed my mind. Ian was an acquaintance who had mutual friends with me – that was all. (fast forward a few years…) but after our first date, all of that changed, and i started down a path of coming to know the many wonderful things about him that were hidden just below the surface. right after our first date, i came home thinking “he is a safe person. i think i could share my whole life story with someone like him.” little did I know what sort of life story we would end up sharing. along the journey of learning more of who Ian is, i have found some truly wonderful qualities in him. it was that journey of discover that led me to fall in love with him. the way generosity is woven into the fabric of who he is was among the first things i discovered about him. he selflessly gives of his time, his resources, and himself without expecting anything in return; he truly values others above himself. i found that Ian is an encourager unlike anyone i know. he doesn’t simply puff up someone’s ego but, instead he highlights the way he sees God at work through someone’s life. he encourages in truth, and with gentleness at the very heart of another. it was his consistent, gentle, and yet strong pursuit of my heart that brought me to say the words “i love you” for the very first time and to come to know a deeper meaning of them as well. he never demanded something from me, or tried to push me along too quickly but instead committed to walking a journey with me, alongside me. in this journey i have found him to be all of these things, and laced within them is a streak of spontaneity and adventure that seeks to have fun and try new things. it is this streak that makes him my kind of perfectly quirky and that makes mundane moments into the dearest of memories. and underneath all of that, ian pursues the truth of God and seeks to let that truth change who he is from the inside out. for all of the fun things i’ve discovered and fallen deeply in love with, there is nothing I love more than his heart and pursuit of our Lord because that is the backbone of who he is. it is from this pursuit that everything else about his character has been shaped. i simply love this man whom God has given me to walk a life’s journey with, the man whom I will soon call “husband.” for, there is no greater name i can call him. ian, this and more is what I mean when i say “i love you.””

— bre

“it’s simple really, yet deep and full of nuance. i love her for who she is. however, describing someone as complex and fascinating as her would take the work of many authors over many lifetimes, so I will try to condense it as best i can. breanna is incredibly kind and gentle, and will go to great lengths to make a person feel cherished and valued. i have never met a better listener, and she has this wisdom that is far beyond her years. she is downright gorgeous inside and out, and a very godly woman, which is why i started to fall in love way back in the beginning. i know that she will take good care of me, and I am eager to continue learning more about her and about her heart, which is becoming more precious to me than my own. oh, and she has the most adorable laugh when she thinks something is hilarious, it literally melts my heart.”

— ian