let me document the time you have now, with the ones you love most.


where my heart is. with each family I photograph, I feel I get a small glimpse into their life that they share together. during a family session with me, you won’t be smiling into my camera in a stiff, posed position, but instead interacting + loving on one another while I capture it all. I want the photographs to represent your true selves. I pride myself on getting to know my families during our session together and I feel that shows in the photographs we create together. 

in-home lifestyles are also something I am known for. allow me to photograph those unforgettable moments of you + your growing family in what better comfort than the home you share together. you have created your home to fit your family, and those moments are easier to capture when everyone feels a little more comfortable. I love being welcomed into a family’s most intimate and sacred space, and documenting the raw, natural connection that happens between the love shared there. the wrestling of the children on mom and dad’s bed, the baking cookies together before heading outside for an afternoon walk, jumping on the trampoline before dinner- let me document these times for you.



the moments you will look back and wished you had documented. the moments that slip by far too quickly without notice.

— Agatha Christie