November 22, 2017

Courtney + Abe | Springfield, Missouri Engagements

“i’ve never met someone with as kind a heart as abe. he has the ability to make anybody feel good about themselves. but I think what makes him truly special is his relationship with God. his love shines abundantly through abe and it is so amazing to witness. he is absolutely my better half and he makes me strive to be a better person. whenever anything pivotal happens in my life, he is the first person I want to share it with. he shares my love for animals, silly shows, and he 100% understands me. he’s my best friend, my family, and my favorite person. as excited as I am for june of next year, i’m even more excited for everything that comes after that. ”

— courtney

“courtney is so many things… first of all she’s brilliant. i’ve never met someone who can handle so much work and stress that goes along with it and still be able to get through such a hard workload within her major. i’d have to believe that it goes hand on hand with how motivated she is, which is another one of my favorite things about her. whenever courtney wants something, whether it’s a good grade on an exam, to get one of her fur babies at work adopted, or influence me to make the hour round trip to get her a hurts donut, she’ll find a way to make it happen. even when things may look downhill for her, she’ll stay motivated and will get what she wants to get done, done. i truly believe that this young woman has no limits to what she could accomplish. these things along with the her natural beauty, love of animals, and the way she makes me feel when i see her happy makes for one of the biggest blessings that God’s ever given me.”

— abe