I’m Jordan.
Alexandra is my middle name, and I am so glad you’re here.


nice to meet you.

I am a wedding and family lifestyle photographer based out of Southwest Missouri, where I was born and raised. In June of 2016, I married my high-school sweetheart, Austin. He is the greatest friend I have ever had and truly my biggest supporter. Together we have two dogs; a husky named Meeka and our little black fur-ball named Jack, and our rescue cat, Nora. We probably love them all too much if that was a thing.

I am passionate about my faith in God and serving His kingdom. I thank Jesus for this craft of mine and I strive to honor and glorify Him through my work and serving others.
I pour all of myself into my art and feel an overwhelming sense of pride that, every day, I get to do what I love. I still find myself completely humbled that my business has allowed me to meet people that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet, each bringing their own unique stories and experiences. I love that I get to tell these stories, and make new friends. I really love and am fascinated by people and their stories.

I’m not being cliche when I say that I really love what I do. If you choose me to be your wedding photographer, I will most likely cry during your ceremony and during the speeches. Always do, can’t help it. I love love and think marriage is the freaking best. 

I am drawn to and inspired by light, the color white, children, simplicity, modernism, symmetry, tattoos and new places. I love the uniqueness of everyday things and that is the exact style I bring to my photography. I am available for travel anywhere your story might take you.


I’m Jordan, and I would love to tell your story.




my why


I took as many high school art classes as I was allowed to take. then, I just knew that art was something I was immensely drawn to. I remember having a sketch book and I remember always being so inspired by my papa’s shed that sat across from our home. I would draw it over and over and each time would find somethings else that I was fascinated by. My digital camera was also something that never left my side through the end of middle school throughout high-school. If I wasn’t annoying all my friends with using them as subjects, I was photographing random things found around or outside my house. It was always something I just did. Come senior year going into college, I began using my photography to do little side jobs. I remember people always telling me, “you could really make some money with this.” But that wasn’t what it was about for me. I was infatuated with the process, they way I felt while taking the photos and the pride that came afterwards. 


After a college degree, working at a job for 2 years and realizing it wasn’t what I was meant to do, I decided to fulfill my dream and chase after my business full time. I had never been as sure of something. Though it is what pays the bills, it is so much more to me than that. It is using my gift to serve others and honor Jesus while doing so. It’s meeting new people and learning their stories. It’s using my God-given talent to allow other’s to cherish and relive moments for the rest of their lives. Whether it be documenting a wedding – one of the most important days of someone’s life, or just a Tuesday – an ordinary day in a family’s life spent inside the home, documenting those moments are what I am meant to do. More than all else, I want others to be able to cherish the memories they have, with the ones they love, with the time they have left.