December 29, 2017

At Home with the Turner Family | Joplin, Missouri

this is my third time photographing this family, and this session is my most favorite. layton is now in kindergarten and luca has grown so much. this session was in their newly built home, which makes it all the more special. we spent the afternoon moving around their home and i captured them in their natural state- playing, cuddling, and baking cookies together- i was simply a fly on the wall.
one of the neatest parts about my job is that i get to watch families as they grow into themselves, both in size and in the way each person changes over time. it’s my favorite and such an honor to be a part of.

ethan + shea, my hope is i have given you something that allows you to savor these days with your boys forever, that you are able to remember every little detail from this moment in your life with them at this age.

ethan + shea + Layton + luca,

the tuner family.