nice to meet you.


Though this isn’t about me, I believe it’s so important to show you who I am not only as a photographer, but also as a human being. So here we go! I am a traveling wedding photographer based out of Northwest Arkansas. I travel around the world documenting love– which I truly believe is the best of what it means to be human. I do life with my sweet little family: my husband, our sweet little girl, Mara Coleman, and our two dogs, Meeka and Jack. I would consider myself When I’m not shooting or editing away in my office, you can find me usually somewhere outside, thrifting for another floral maxi or cream cardigan that I definitely don’t need more of, or hitting the road to explore a new place with my family. I am a huge feeler and have a big heart for people, moments, and relationships (almost to a fault).



I am passionate about my faith in God and serving His kingdom. I thank Jesus for this craft of mine and I strive to honor and glorify Him through my work and serving others. I have come to realize that I am not one of those people who can do something and be unaffected by it. I am an overly passionate person, so when I take something on, I pour all of myself into it. I pour all of myself into my art and two things I value more than photographs- are people and relationships––that is what sets me apart. I have a love for people and am fascinated by each of our unique stories. I feel most like myself when I am creating and documenting photographs. If you choose me to be your wedding photographer, I will most likely cry during your ceremony and during the speeches. Always do, can’t help it. I love love and think marriage is the freaking best.  Now that you’ve heard a little of my story, I’d love to hear yours.

my why

I have always been drawn to the storytelling process. From 15 years of competitive dance to creative writing and poetry in my high school years, I’ve always been immensely drawn to telling stories. Growing up, a camera was something I always had in my hands. I found joy in photographing. It was just something I always did. Come senior year going into college, I began using my photography to do little side jobs. I remember people always telling me, “You could really make some money with this. You have a true talent.” But that wasn’t what it was about for me. I was infatuated with the process, the way I felt while telling the story with my photographs and the pride that came afterward. After a college degree, working at a job for 2 years, and realizing it wasn’t what I was meant to do, I decided to fulfill my dream and chase after my business full time. I had never been as sure of something. Though it is what pays the bills, it is so much more to me than that. It is using my gift to serve others and honor Jesus while doing so. It’s meeting new people and learning their stories and hearing their experiences. It’s using my God-given talent to allow others to cherish and relive moments for the rest of their lives. To be able to tangibly hold a moment in their hands. Even more than my love for artistic storytelling, my why will always be the people.


July : Denver, CO + Nashville, TN
August : Denver, CO
September : Dayton, TX
October : Asia
November : Marfa, TX
December : Wisconsin
February '19 : TX
March : Mexico
May : Ohio
July : New York + New Jersey


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