January 23, 2018

A Sunday Spent with the Banks Family | Joplin, Missouri

jennifer reached out to me months ago – letting me know that she was pregnant and would love to do newborn photos once the baby was here. months passed and baby canon was born. she then messaged me letting me know that her and her husband, chris, were wrestling with the idea of pushing their session off until summer because they were in a rental home right now since their home had just sold, and life was a little hectic at the moment. before i could really respond, jennifer messaged me again saying that they changed their minds. that they didn’t care about the craziness or the rental house- they wanted this time in their life documented, and documented exactly the way it was.

i share this story because it is what my heart and my artisty is found upon, friends. i want to give you memories- not photographs. the good, the messy, the loud, quiet, even the rental homes. all of the pieces are a part of your unique story and are worthy of being told.

jennifer + chris + barrett and their newest addition to their precious family, canon douglas.