April 20, 2017

dexter + dusti

i met up with dexter and dusti on a sunday afternoon and headed to springfield, mo for their engagement session. we had a few locations we for sure wanted to make happen, but other than that, these two were completely down to explore and shoot along the way (which makes for the best kind of session). i loved shooting these two because of their amazing style, of course, but even more so because of their love for one another, which is so evident in the frames below. ask me about my ideal couple to shoot, and i will answer with “these two.” so excited for their wedding in august!


“from the moment i met dexter i knew something was different about him. one thing that i’ve always loved about him, is his way of living life unapologetically. whether it’s good or bad, he is who he is, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. he strives to be different and stand out. over time, he has helped me to just be me and be confident in it. without even knowing it, he makes me want to be a better me everyday. my favorite thing about our story is Jesus is so evident in it. our relationship is the perfect example of beauty from ashes. i believe with all my heart that our story will be a testament of God’s grace and unfailing love. no relationship is perfect is everyone is broken. i am just excited that i get to be imperfect and broken with the perfect person for me. our beginning is only beginning.”

“i haven’t always been the most lovable person. in those times, dusti has always seemed to love me harder. in rough times, when i just wanted to throw in the towel, she has found ways to better our relationship. i’m thankful for her unfailing love. because of it, i have been a better man since the day i met her. she keeps me wanting to be better everyday. above all else, i love the way she loves my kids and our daughter. watching them love her back the way she loves them, tells me this is right and what God has planned for my life. i am so thankful for her sweet, generous heart. i don’t tell her enough. i know it hasn’t always been an easy road, but the fact she has stuck by my side through thick and thin, shows me she wants this more than anything. and that’s what makes me fight for us everyday.”